Fierce harpies

Oil Painting - 81 X 100 cm- 2021

After the hornbills and cassowaries, here are the harpies as birds of (bad) company for this new self-portrait! But where are we? On the stage of a subsidized play? Is this a representation of Hell? The red of the room lets him imagineā€¦ Alongside the painter, the harpies appear enormous and frightening. Their large faces evoke hyper expressive Asian theater masks. Sitting in a very uncomfortable position, in a long black bathrobe, the artist gives us a worried and perhaps even imploring look.

Many themes cross the web.

The daughters of Typhon are not three but four here: perhaps a synthesis between the four horsemen of the Apocalypse and the mythological deities of devastation ... Would we be on the verge of suffering a divine punishment whose plagues we see in come from global warming?

This young woman in a black silk negligee on a red background with the shadow of her chair that looks like that of the grim reaper ... Could this be a new interpretation of the young girl and death? A new representation of the oxymoron couple of Eros and Thanatos? After Reflektor which questioned the aging of the artist, we are now immersed in a new questioning of our coming end.

But perhaps we are already after death, in a Sartrean huis-clos where the harpies are allegorical figures of judges, of evil women, who torment the young woman in a hell that has no end?

In short, a very dark canvas, charged with this ambivalent energy of red, far from the positivity of dazzling colors to which the painter has accustomed us.

Fierce harpies