COVID daily

Oil Painting - 81 X 116 cm- 2020

At a time when a virus brings the planet to its knees, when, unable to cope, governments around the world are confiscating individual freedoms, the artist recounts his confinement. The caging, with its golden bars, perfectly illustrates this feeling of “luxury” prison, our new human condition in 2020.

The triptych painting follows the rhythm of the painter's day: there is a time for reading and reflection, another for creation and work, then comes the night, time for rest and dreams. Absorbed by reading “Sapiens”, the world's best-seller of the moment, the artist's mind can escape confinement in the flutter of its wings. This history of Humanity brings us back to another concern: after our species has succeeded in dominating the planet in order to better destroy its resources of all kinds, what about our future associated with that of the rest of life? ...

In the center of the canvas, we observe the painter at work. The canvas in the web is still blank: will COVID inspire a new outbreak? This need to fight against the disease on another ground that this one would also like to annihilate? That of culture, this “non-essential” capital good ...

The panther and the orangutan appear as if to remind us that there is more important than the consequences of COVID. The great ape has the posture of a sage, it is a whistleblower that would warn us about our behavior that puts biodiversity at risk.

In the last part of the painting, the sleeping artist is watched over by three animals, like three fairies to whom one could attribute ambiguous intentions. In these uncertain times, would the spider be a somewhat frightening sword of Damocles, a dark omen, or rather a symbol of creativity and regenerated feminine energy? Is the “white lady” a funeral bird or does she carry a message of enlightening wisdom? Finally, the snake: additional threat or symbol of regeneration, of possible rebirth after a critical phase?

Between anxiety-provoking reality and dreams elsewhere, themes dear to the artist revisited.

COVID daily