Oil Painting - 89X116 cm- 2020

A playful and youthful atmosphere reigns over this aerial canvas: here we are again immersed in a dreamlike fantasy that takes us to an islet lost in a lake or a calm sea. Far from the convulsions of the world, a radiant couple is surrounded by a procession of magpies and otters who play, twirl in all directions, while observing us, frankly or out of the corner of their eye, with astonishment and perhaps suspicion. for some people.

With her orange tunic, the woman is the solar element in the painting; her two hands resting on the shoulder of the loved one evoke a healer assisted by her learned magpies.

In his comfortable red armchair, the man surrenders to this discreet pleasure that binds him to his companion.

A portrait of a couple united in lightness and spirituality.