The little girl with the ballon

Oil Painting. 80 X 80 cm- 2019


Which planet will we leave to our children?

The little girl with the balloon illustrates well our projected fears of the consequences of a global phenomenon which we know in progress ... Irremediably?

On the web, plastic pollution has invaded everything; it is combined with the effects of global warming: a white bear suffocates as he roams the sand in search of his lost pack ice; a stork suffocates, packaged like a battery chicken; a monkey has found an object whose nature he does not understand; finally, grimacing turtles are surrounded by the cursed plastic that gradually covers the ocean surface to form new continents.

On this bottom of desolation, the little girl stands up and plunges her eyes into ours. There is anger in this look, an infinite reproach, a blame addressed to all the elders who mortgage his future and despise his right to recklessness.

The little girl with the ballon