Oil Painting. 92 X 73 cm- 2018

On the painting, deforestation is raging. Man rampages, burns everything in his path.

He saws happily the branch on which he sits, that of the living.

In a dream, the painter has joined his animal brothers and she perishes in this hell inflicted on them.

The orangutan, primate ruler of Borneo, holds the artist in her arms, placing on her a look full of compassion and pity.

We think of a diverted form of the Pieta, where Man is the Child of the animal kingdom: an immature, inconsequential being, who does not know what he is doing.

In the sky a witness, a motley angel.

Is it an announcing angel, a divine punishment? From the apocalypse?

It's hard to know if the greenish mass that stands in the distance represents the canopy or the ruthless wave of a Tsunami ...